Agile structured data consultants for the web, semi-automated and fully scalable as part of SEO campaigns for enterprise brands, retailers, SMB’s, agencies and start ups.

  • Millions of eCommerce product SKU’s Organic Search revenue up from $25,000 to $350,000 per day
  • Ten consecutive years all clients year over year average exceeds 150% growth in organic traffic
  • Cost of our SEO consulting is irrelevant as compared to traffic and revenue ROI benefits
  • Clients range from 20:1 up to 600:1 return on investment
  • For every $1 spent on SEO the client received from $20 up to $600 in revenue

We also specialize in store finder/locators for retailers with 100 or more locations

  • Converts 33% of visitors to in-store foot traffic sales
  • Local and organic search traffic is up 150% year over year
  • In-store sales revenue up $2.4 million in 39-week period (FY April 2015)
  • $15k monthly cost is irrelevant compared to traffic and $250,000 monthly revenue ROI
  • 1800% return on investment